My Favorite Winter Activities

Winter is actually my least favorite season, but being the energetic person I am, I’ll always make the best of it! Here are some ways I do that.

  1. Winter light walks/festivals

There are a few of these in my area, and my favorites are the ones you can walk through with some hot chocolate! They always make for great photos, too.

2. Hot chocolate/s’mores night white hot coco

Having some friends over (during non-Covid times), with a warm fire and DIY hot chocolate & s’mores bar is so much fun! Throw on a holiday movie to top it off or play some holiday themed games.

3. Matching Christmas PJs

I’m a dog mom and corny as it may be, each year I get matching holiday outfits for my pup and me! It’s a tradition I think is fun and really cute. You can do this with your fur babies, family or friends!

4. Holiday Nails

Something I’ve done since I was in middle school is paint & design my nails to fit the seasons! Whether it be flower designs for spring, pumpkins for Halloween, or snowflakes for the winter. I love a bright red nail with some dainty holiday designs. Sometimes I design and paint them myself, other times I’ll go to a professional. I think it’s a cute, simple way to be expressive!

5. Decorating

Duh! One of the best parts of the holidays for me is decorating the house. Garlands, Christmas tree, ornaments, advent calendars, wreaths, stockings… I do the whole shabang in my house. It’s therapeutic, refreshes the space and of course brings that holiday cheer! 

Pro tip: hit up your favorite decor stores the day after Christmas – everything is incredibly discounted and you’ll stock up for next year’s decorating! 

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