My Fitness Routine

Staying healthy and in shape is a persistent goal I have. By no means would I consider myself a health/fitness “enthusiast”, but I do like to look and feel my best! Here are some of the things I do to achieve my goals. 

  1. Personal trainer

I’ve worked with a personal trainer over the last 7 years, whebecer I want to get super serious or feel like I need an extra push that I can’t give myself. It helps me stay motivated and I know I’m doing my routines correctly with the guidance of a professional.

2. Cardio and weights

A mix of cardio and weights works best for my body. A lot of the workouts I do are full body circuits that consist of a lot of body weight exercises, with the occasional free weight grown in there. I’m a big fan of the TRX for arm exercises and kettle bell squats for legs.

3. No heavy lifting

Thought I’ve always admired power lifters, I’ll admit I don’t think I’d ever get into it. Honestly, I’m intimidated! Plus, I have a 72-year-old knee that would just not do well with a deadlift.

4. Combination of good diet

Take this one with a grain of salt, because by no means am I the picture of perfectly healthy eating! Ask anyone… I love sweets (and food in general… I literally happy dance anytime I’m eating). But when I want to get serious, let’s say training for an important date or event, I do get stricter with what goes into my body. During those times, my meals will consist mostly of protein and veggies. Egg whites and avocado toast for breakfast, salad with protein for lunch, brown rice, veggies and protein for dinner. Snap peas, almonds or cherry tomatoes to Candace on throughout the day. And yogurt or a rice cake with almond butter for dessert! 

5. B12 shots

Vitamin B12 is great for boosting your metabolism and energy! I get B12 shots occasionally when I’m feeling sluggish and need a little boost, but you can get them up to once a week!

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  1. Hi Mari, I have been following you for a quiet some time now and love all your diy ideas. I also love how you stay healthy and keep in shape. I wanted to know you can kindly share some meal plans or drinks that you prefer to stay fit. I’ve been struggling to keep my weight off. It took me almost a year to lost 50 lbs. Any advice you can share.

    Your wedding looked absolutly beautiful.

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