#KennyGetsMarid: DIY Bridal Nike’s

I got so many questions about my wedding DIY projects and I’m so excited to share them all with you! First up are my Blinged out Bridal Nike’s. As a DIY girly, I always have so much fun crafting and working on projects – and these being for my wedding day made it that much more special! Below you’ll find all of the supplies I used and a brief summary of the steps. Don’t forget to find the Video on Instagram Reels for a visual of the process.

Supplies (links):

Pearl and Rhinestone Kit

Women’s White Nike

White Satin Shoelaces

UHU (aka the best glue ever)

Wax Tip Rhinestone Picker


  1. Dab a tiny bit of glue onto a small area where you want your stones placed. I started in the bottom corner and went outward from there.
  2. Using the wax-tipped pen, pick up an individual stone and place it firmly into position. I found it easier to dump a few rhinestones and pearls onto a flat work surface. This makes it easier to pick up an individual stone, whether by hand or using the wax tool, rather than trying to dig them out from the container they come in.
  3. Repeat the process, varying stone sizes and colors, until the desired area is covered. I chose to do only the window around the Swoosh, but you can totally do any other area you like or event the entire shoe!
  4. I changed the shoelaces to the above satin ones for even more bridal vibes.

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