Cheesy, Creamy Baked Mac & Cheese

December 12, 2023

My current mac and cheese recipe! If you remember the last time I posted my mac and cheese video (about 2 years ago), I mentioned that I’m always switching up the ingredients and process I use for mac and cheese – be it the types of cheeses, using a roux or not, adding bread crumbs […]

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Christmas “Kitchen Sink” Cookies

December 7, 2023

This one isn’t my original recipe, but one I found on Pinterest by Ginny of Enjoy! INGREDIENTS  INSTRUCTIONS  NOTES *Measure your flour properly. This is always my #1 baking tip. Do not ever scoop a measuring cup into your flour. This will always lead to using too much flour. (Trust me, I’ve learned the hard […]

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Creamy Spinach Chicken with Orzo

December 6, 2023

My newest recipe attempt (it was a success)! Ingredients for the Chicken: 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken thighs 1 Tbsp. Avocado oil 3 Tbsp. all purpose flour 2 Tbsp. butter 3 cloves garlic, smashes 1/4 c. chicken broth 1 c. heavy cream 2 c. fresh baby spinach Salt and pepper, to taste Ingredients for the […]

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